Rap Genius drops "rap" from its name

Rap Genius, the company that has seen a decent amount of controversy in its short time, has decided to rebrand itself, dropping the "rap" part of its name. Known now as simply Genius, the company is continuing on with its mission to annotate everything.

With the rebranding, obviously, comes a change to its domain name, which now redirects to merely Genius.com. This follows in line with the company's desire to have all kinds of content annotized — poetry, literature, news, and more.

The "rap" portion of the name could perhaps be confusing to new potential users, indicating something about the site that is no longer its sole focus. The new Genius-only rebranding removes that potential confusion.

In talking about the rebranded site, the company talks about the value of annotations, saying they "are like miniature Wikipedia pages: constantly-improving distillations of the combined wisdom of potentially dozens of scholars."

SOURCE: Business Insider