Google Search app for Windows Phone out-brazens Bing

Google has released a new Google Search App for Windows Phone handsets, taking on Microsoft's own Bing search integration on the smartphone platform. Released as a free download in the Windows Phone Marketplace, the new app includes search auto-complete just as on Android, as well as voice search.

As long as you have a data connection – and we're guessing you will have, if you're searching the internet – you can hit the microphone button next to the search box and speak your search query. Just as on Android devices, Google's servers promise to quickly crunch your gibberish chatter and help you avoid punching out letters on the on-screen keyboard, though in our experience accuracy can vary significantly.

Finally, there's local search, which – if you allow the app to use your location – can pull up results based on proximity. So, if you want a restaurant or an ATM, those at the nearest location to you can be recommended first.

The app supports English, Spanish, French, Italian and German, and is a free download for Windows Phone 7.5 Mango users. Question is, do users of Microsoft's OS really want Google on their device, or are they content with Bing?