Google Reminders available on the web (and in Android, iOS)

Today Google launches Reminders for web, an extension of Google Reminders that'll have users even more addicted to their abilities than before. Once you begin to use Google Reminders, you find yourself relying on them – trusting them to remind you of the most important bits and pieces in your life. I know I do. I really do. I'm terrible at remembering things. One I tell Google – through my Android device – to remind me to pick up milk at 5PM when I'm done with work, there's no way I'll remember it unless my device reminds me – and it does. Today there's more.

Last year Google launched Reminders in the Google Calendar app for iOS and Android. Oddly, the reminders bit we loved to use on mobile devices did not extend to the wider web. Today, Google is launching Reminders on Google Calendar everywhere – including the web.

Users will be able to push a reminder to their calendar where it'll remain until they mark it as "done". Pushing a reminder aside or deleting it will also destroy it – no worries.

You'll also find reminders syncing across several other Google services, like Inbox, Google Keep, and the Google app – that means "OK Google, remind me to feed the fish" works totally fine.