Google+ Record Video now live, looking rather familiar

If you didn't know that Google also owns YouTube, you'd be a bit suspicious of the interface used by Google in a new feature added to their social network allowing users to record video from their share box and post it for the world to see. Your own webcam will be your weapon here, and a rather simple interface is what you'll be using to make it happen. Once you've recorded yourself looking like a pro, you can post and share the same way you've been sharing the rest of the materials on Google+, with as many or as few of your Circles as you like.

Recording video is, as you may have guessed, very similar to YourTube in that you get the same interface, more or less, you working with whatever webcam you've got connected to your computer at the time of tapping. Sharing then has the video embedded into your share box where you can add or subtract people at will. The video then appears in a box not unlike what you'd see for a YouTube video, minus the extra embedding options and link out to a separate YouTube page.

This is an interesting approach from the folks at Google, and it wouldn't be surprising if in the near future all of these videos were cross-posted to YouTube in one way or another. Of course the privacy issue would still be there, but heck, they already look the same, right? Will you be using Google+ now instead of YouTube?

[via Shana Gitnick]