Google Public DNS blocked in Turkey over Twitter ban

Just days after the Twitter ban implemented by their government, net-savvy Turks have found ways to circumvent it. One of these ways included the Google public DNS service: and, which are open to all. It has now come to light that the government has tightened the noose over this service and blocked all access once more. This Twitter ban is in light of recent viral tweets surrounding a corruption scandal reported earlier this week.

News is that Twitter's lawyers in Ankara have met with the authorities to sort out the issue. Instead of making any progress on that front, the microblogging platform users are still coming to terms with this new setback. Twitter users took to the streets painting the DNS service graffiti and perhaps this action has influenced the authorities to take such drastic measures.

There is no official statement from the Turkish authorities and according to the Hurriyet Daily News. This new move looks to be an 'executive order' and not a court ruling.

There is a government memo that states there are "hundreds of court rulings in Turkey" ordering Twitter to remove the offensive content, however the microblogging site is not paying heed to those orders. The Hurriyet Daily News also reports that the ban on Twitter does not originate from any court ruling; it is from the Turkish Government and is being used as a 'preventive measure'.

Besides the Google DNS, people in Turkey have been using Open DNS, VPN and SMS services to get the word out.