Google Project Tango camera info surfaces

Earlier this year, Google introduced its Project Tango, something that utilizes a smartphone with 3D sensors to scan and map rooms. At the time of its introduction, some details about the Project Tango phones were provided, but a couple small additional details have surfaced giving a better look at the hardware.

Upon introduction, details stated the Project Tango phone features a 4MP camera and a motion tracking camera, as well as an integrated depth sensing unit and a couple computer vision processors. The additional information that builds on this has surfaced by way of a Google Chrome issue tracker spotted by the folks at Myce.

According to the issue tracker, the 4MP camera is located on the back of the handset accompanied by a fish eye camera offering a 180-degree field of view, which would certainly be needed when mapping small rooms and to help get a total picture of areas. Two other cameras are also on the project's handset.

The depth camera mentioned above is a 320x180@50Hz offering, while the front-facing camera is a smaller version of the rear camera: a 120-degree lens that offers a field of view similar to that of the human eye. Check out the video above to get a look at what Google is doing with its new project.

VIA: Android Community