Google+ profile pictures to be paired with phone numbers in early 2014

Google is getting ready to roll out a new feature for users of Google+. The new feature will pair your Google+ profile picture with your phone number verified with Google. What the feature will mean is that when you call someone after your number has been verified with Google, the person you're calling will see your profile picture on the screen of their device.

The idea is that rather than the to seeing in number and a name, the people you're calling can see your face making it easier to relate the call to someone they know. Any number listed as verified in your Google account settings menu is automatically opted in to the system by default.

The association with phone numbers and profile pictures isn't live just yet. Google hasn't announced exactly when it will go live only pointing to early 2014 as the launch date.

It's also unclear if this feature will work on all versions of Android or only for specific versions of the operating system. If you don't want your profile picture associated with your phone number you'll need to edit the phone numbers linked to your account. Perhaps once the feature launches and more details are available there will be a way to opt out of having your profile picture linked to your phone number.

SOURCE: Android Central