Google Pod teased for MWC 2012 revival

One of the most awesome displays of power at last year's Mobile World Congress was Google's own Android setup, it being a vast room of gigantic robots, two levels of giant images of devices and Android characters having a wonderful time, and a conveyer belt of every Android device on the planet. This year it appears that they're rolling out the details piece by piece on a special MWC 2012 events page, complete with a countdown meter. Will we see the same massive set of preferred developers, free collectable pins, and Android version flavored smoothies? We certainly hope so!

What we're able to see so far reminds one very much of what was seen last year at the Google Pod, Android being represented by at least one gigantic Android figure around which developers will certainly be placed. There's also the second level stand we saw last year and a set of Android-labeled boxes which could very well contain anything. The countdown meter reads 9 days and 10 hours from now, this leading up to the first day reveal of the station at the event in Barcelona.

There's also a set of oddly shaped floating robots which we could assume represent some new form of Android, but likely they're just floating around to set up the show. Last year we also saw the debut of Androidify which we've got a video of here, courtesy of your humble narrator writing for Android Community:

[vms 68e1840a1324e839230d]

Take a full tour of the Google Pod here in the video yours truly also filmed for Android Community last year, and get pumped up because we're going again this year with bells on! Follow our entire adventure via the [MWC 2012 portal] open now!

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