Google Play year-end deals cuts prices on movies, apps, albums

Google is preparing to run a "Year-End" sort of celebration and cutting prices on a bunch of media. This includes apps as well as TV shows and movies. It also includes Google Books of many sorts – and comic books, which, if you haven't tried on a mobile device, I personally recommend you do. Google's method of display of comic books on mobile devices – tablets especially – is really top notch.

For the apps collection we've selected a few from the wide list of bits and pieces on Google Play this week. Have a peek at the full set on Google Play apps to see them all. This list includes everything from Star Wars Pinball to Secret of Mana.

Items we recommend you have a peek at include Chrono Trigger (yes, if you've not recognized that this was brought to smartphones, it is here, and it's magnificent.) I also recommend Prune for an impossibly beautiful – yet simplified – look at a puzzle game.

The list of Albums on Google Play is interesting. The only album I personally recommend for all people is Run the Jewels 2. Then once you've listened to that album, go buy Run the Jewels 3 – even though it's not on discount, it's explosive and amazing.

The Books category has quite a few awesome bits and pieces. You'll be glad to find that both Shockaholic and Wishful Drinking (both by Carrie Fisher) are available there for a fiver apiece. For comics, I recommend "Deadpool: The Gauntlet Infinit Comic."

In the TV set you'll find such instant-hits as Mars and Gotham. Of course my recommendation is a bi more swear-riddled. For $8 the entirety of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is available – so fresh. So re-watchable.

A lot of nasty movies are up in the movies bin, including Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and Deadpool. The best movie on the list – and perhaps one of the best movies in the past decade – is also available. For a cool eight bucks, all mediocre blood bags can get their hands on Mad Max: Fury Road.