Google Play to start notifying users of ad-supported apps

Both the Google Play store for Android and Apple's iOS App Store label apps that feature in-app purchases, making it clear to users that additional money can or may need to be spent to make use of the software. Now, Google Play will be taking things a step further, and notify users before they download that an app is supported via advertisements inside. It seems to be an effort by Google to make its marketplace more transparent when it comes to ads and funding, and the change will take place starting in 2016.

The news of this policy change came from an email that Google sent to app developers, telling them that they must declare if their apps contain advertisements such as banners or pop-ups. Google mentions that they will also be double checking, and any developers caught not being honest about their labelling may face suspension from the store.

The Goole Play store already labels apps with ads that are aimed at children or families, but this will be applied to all apps on the marketplace starting January 11th. After that date, developers will need to make their declaration about ads whenever uploading a new app or update.

Such ad-supported apps will likely still appeal to some users, especially if they're free, see as how price is often their top criteria. On the other hand, the new labelling rule won't apply to paid product placements, so maybe we'll see a whole new form of in-app advertising develop.

SOURCE Droid Life