Google Play summer sale begins today [App downloads, media]

This week the folks at Google have begun the first summer sale they've ever held in the Google Play Store that's also store-wide. This stale includes a number of pieces of software and media right from the start, and will roll out additional price-cuts for software and media in the near future. This will include apps, books, and games – while Google Music seems set to stay separate as its own entity.

UPDATE: It would appear that Google Play Music now includes a 4-month free run for new users. Users that sign up for Google Play Music within this sale span will get a Google Play Music subscription for a span of time longer than is normally offered on introduction to the service. This is a streaming music service not unlike Spotify or Tidal, just offered through the Google Play Music app.

This update to the Google Play app store includes price-cuts on games like Star Wars: KOTOR and Reigns as well as Lara Croft GO and Hitman Sniper. Also cut down to size for price is Final Fantasy Tactics – one of the greatest Final Fantasy Games ever made – and Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies.

The full set of games that are on sale starting immediately will appear in this Google Play section – likely for the rest of this month and into the next. While it's possible that these apps will switch up, for now we're going to go ahead and assume they'll be sticking to the same set.

The collection of books available in this Summer push for media from Google Play can be found in this section of the store. There's one weird collection of books in there, let me assure you.

The same is true of this Movies section in Google Play with cuts in prices to a wide variety of titles. Underworld Blood Wars for the kids and The Angry Birds Movie for the old folks and Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn for all the parents.

Prices are mostly around a 20-33% off cut. Probably the best deal of the bunch is the Lord of the Rings trilogy for a $10-spot. I also recommend Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief for $2.