Google Play Newsstand: what is it?

This week you'll have a new Google service available to you straight from Google itself, one going by the name of Google Play Newsstand. This interface allows Google Play to roll with Magazines, Newspapers, and even Blog Feeds in a single centralized location, one that's available to the masses just as the Google Play store's many other outlets are today.

With the Google Play Newsstand, users will be able to download and read publications offline. You'll be able to read magazines one at a time or buy subscriptions – and some titles are pushing 30-day-free subscriptions to jump aboard your interest train early.

"Welcome to Newsstand, Google Play's new destination for your news and magazine reading. From science and business to cooking, entertainment, and more, get the best free and paid news, plus today's popular magazines, all in one place" – Google Play

To work with Google Play Newsstand, some users will need to update to the newest version of Google Play Magazines while others will need to update to the newest version of Google's feed-reading app Currents. Don't worry about seeking these out – you'll be prompted to update them when needed in the Google Play Newsstand experience.

The full Google Play Newsstand experience includes media of all types – embedded photos, text, and video as well. The whole system is categorized and organized with what appears to be the United States as it primary target at first – but the spread is imminent. If you don't see Google Play Newsstand in your Google Play user interface – right inside the app up near the top – you will soon. Have a peek!