Google Play Newsstand adds Rolling Stone archives

When's the last time you shook open an ordinary newspaper? You probably can't remember because you likely, like most people, get your news online. The same tends to go for magazines, which is why many in both categories have shifted to a primarily or solely online existence, providing content under ad-supported or subscription-based business models. Google Play Newsstand is one of the big services through which users can subscribe to and read content, and starting today it'll begin providing the Rolling Stone archives.

Initially readers will be given access to "three or four major stories" from archive issues for free (they'll also be on the Rolling Stone's website). That'll be expanded in due time, according to Gus Wenner, son of the magazine's founder. In 2016, we could see the stories joined by video and sound content as well.

According to Fast Company, under this deal Google has shelled out "seven figures' worth" of advertising with the magazine. Said Google Play's global marketing head Brian Irving, "We're constantly looking for ways to partner with people who are content creators and help bring something to life."

Google Play Newsstand is a somewhat new offering from Google, having first rolled out back in late 2013. And while consumers have embraced some of Google's other features, Newsstand hasn't quite felt the same amount of love — something the Internet giant is hoping to change. Not familiar with Google Play Newsstand? We've got all the details.

SOURCE: Fast Company