Google Play gift cards readied for iTunes attack

It's time to get physical with Google Play, the online media store where Google sells apps, music, and movies, because the big G has just revealed gift cards for retail. Just like Apple's mega-popular iTunes Gift Card initiative, Google is bringing on at least two cards to the show, prepping them for the likes of Target, Best Buy, Fry's, and retail locations across the United States. Google has not yet officially let it be known that these cards exist, but there they are, plain as day.

The photo you see above comes from a source who would not say where they worked, of course, but they were likely behind the scenes this week, with images sent to Android Central. By the look of the floor below the cards, our money is on Target. Also included in this lovely rain of gift card madness is a bit of software revealed by the Android Police – inside the Google Play store app on an Android smartphone, they discovered a Google Play balance interface. With "Gift card code" plain to see here, there's little doubt that the cards will be coming soon.

Now what we wonder about is how this will work with the few physical objects in the store. Will we be able to purchase the Galaxy Nexus, the Nexus 7, and accessories with these cards? Or will we be limited to purchasing music, movies, and apps? Another question we'd like to ask is how your Google Play balance will work with your greater Google Wallet. As the two are connected – somewhat – here as the NFC craze continues to explode, will these gift cards be able to be translated in to non-Google Play cash?

Perhaps we'd like to use our Google Play gift cards at Starbucks? It might not be so difficult as all that – Google Play gift cards will likely be popping up right here at the start of the school season with plenty of time for troubleshooting and gaining a foothold before winter. Once the holiday season begins near the end of this year, Google will be well recognized as an alternative for those that would normally just buy a relative or friend an iTunes card. Watch out, Apple!