Google Play Games for Windows beta arrives, but only for some players

In December 2021, Google revealed plans to bring its Android games to the Windows operating system in a big way, something it had said would start in 2022. We're less than a month into the new year and the ball is already rolling: Google has announced the limited launch of Google Play Games on Windows. The support is currently available under beta testing, so it's not surprising Google has limited access to only a few countries at this time.

Beta goes live

Google announced the Android games PC beta arrival in a new video, plus it has published a game on the Android Developers website that helps game creators prep their titles for use on PCs. The website reveals some details about Google Play Games on Windows, including that games played on PCs will earn Play Points the same as with other devices.

Beta signups for the app went live on January 18, but they're only available in Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan at this time. Players in those regions can visit the beta page to access the app, but those in other countries will see a message stating "the beta isn't available in your region yet." However, assuming you're signed in to your Google account, you can click the "notify" button to get an email when the beta arrives in your country.

Google notes on the beta website that Android games available on Windows have support for keyboard and mouse controls, which should make it easier to play certain titles versus touch controls. Google says it works with game developers to optimize their titles for PCs.

There's no single release date for the new support, with Google explaining that Play Games will instead arrive on PC at different times depending on the region. It may take a while for the platform to expand to Windows across the board, with Google's beta website noting that other regions will get access "later in 2022 and beyond."

Android games on Windows PCs

The arrival of Google Play Games on Windows enables gamers to play their favorite Android titles on a PC. This is a welcomed expansion for the platform, giving users yet another device they can use to, for example, fire up Genshin Impact and Asphalt 9: Legends. Google Play Games titles are already available on Android and Chromebooks.

The Google Play Games app for Windows was built by Google itself, the company told The Verge back in December. The app will make it simple to toggle between platforms so that users can, for example, start a game on their PC, but later switch over to their smartphone or tablet and pick up where they left off. The PC app will support Windows 10 and 11.