Google Play family plans let everyone buy apps and movies, as well

Yesterday we brought you the news that Google was introducing a family plan for their Google Play service. This was great news, because for anyone that paid for two or more accounts for their family, it was a nice discount. However, the savings isn't the only thing that the family plan gives you.

When you setup a family plan for Google Play, you'll also be setting up a family payment method. This method of payment is available for everyone on the plan to use. This can be used to purchase things like apps (and in-app purchases), books, movies, and more. The other people on your account won't, however, be able to buy any sort of hardware, or add funds to their own Google Play balance using this method.

Obviously, giving your kids unfettered access to your credit card for purchasing apps and movies isn't exactly a wise idea. That's why by default, anyone wanting to use the family payment method will need to get approval for in-app purchases. When they request approval, a message will be sent to the manager of the plan. Once approved, they will be able to complete their purchase. However, this does not apply to other purchases from the Play store, such as movies and music. There is no approval required to make these types of purchases, however, the account holder will receive an email any time a purchase is made like this.

If you don't want to deal with that hassle, and you trust the others on your plan, then you can go ahead and disable purchase approval. You will still get an email any time a purchase is made, so that you can keep track of who is buying things, and when.

Source: Google