Pixel Buds new gestures: Tappin more

This afternoon Google product manager Sandeep Waraich revealed a set of new ways to use Google Pixel Buds. This new set of features works with the same hardware as before – no upgrade needed. All Pixel Buds users will need is a software update loaded before taking any new actions.

User will be able to do a couple new things with Google Pixel Buds – two with tapping, and a third with pairing. The first new feature is a Triple Tap. Users can tap their right-ear Pixel Bud three times quickly to turn on or off. That's not the sort of tap you're going to do accidentally.

There next new feature is a double-tap. When you double-tap the right-side Pixel Bud, you can now skip to your device's next music track. Before now, the double-tap could only let you hear notifications from your phone. To activate this setting, users will need to go into Pixel Buds settings inside the Google Assistant app. There'll be a new option to switch on double-tap to skip to the next track when you've updated the app some time this week.

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The final – of three – updates that'll be arriving for Google Pixel Buds is what Waraich called "Pairing devices made easy." Before it was a bit of a chore to move the Pixel Buds connection from one device to the next. Now, as long as you've connected to two devices before, you'll just need to select Pixel Buds on the one you want to work with, and your buds will disconnect from the last and connect to the newest.

Updates for Pixel Buds and the Google Assistant app will appear soon. As early as later today, users will find updates in the Google Play app store.