Google Pixel 5a leaks on FCC missing one key feature

There's a set of versions of the Google Pixel 5a out in the radio registry universe this week with details on this device's release. Given the data that comes to the FCC and is shared with the public as a result, we can see that Google's created at least three versions of the Google Pixel 5a. One seems ready for the USA, while the others look like they're ready for international markets.

The Google Pixel 5a appears here in three model iterations, including G1F8F, G4S1M, and GR0M2. The G1 model has CDMA and 5G, but no Verizon-specific mmWave 5G (Ultra Wideband, as they call it) coverage. This device has all the mid-band (sub-6) and low-band frequency coverage it needs to work with T-Mobila USA and AT&T's 5G coverage, but nothing for the mmWave (UW). If this device wants to work with Verizon's fastest 5G, it's going to need another iterative release!

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The G4S1M and GR0M2 work with CDMA disabled by software, NR bands specific to USA-based networks disabled by software, and NR band N41 (Sprint, T-Mobila USA) mid-band 5G (sub-6) component depopulated outright. As noted by Android Police, it's not immediately clear why Google has two models with bands that'd fit releases outside the USA.

If the Google Pixel 5a represents the same proposition as the Pixel 4a, it'll be a winning combination of proven quality and relatively low prices for a certain sort of user. The device is made for the smartphone user who does not absolutely need the newest in industrial design and hardware features. That user is focused on having up-to-date software from Google.

We're talking a display and design similar to that of the Google Pixel 5, with the same processor – the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G. It'll be interesting to see if this device just replaces the Google Pixel 5 in the Google Store or if Google's listing of said devices will be allowed to be slightly confusing due to their extreme similarity to one-another – we shall see!

It's likely now that we've seen the Google Pixel 5a listed by the FCC that we'll see the release of the phone to the public soon. It's expected that the Google Pixel 5a release date will hit somewhere in August of the year 2021.