Google picks up domain names galore

This week Google is working with ICANN to expand the diversity of the web, applying for more than 50 domain names in all including but not limited to ".google", ".youtube", and ".lol". Google has let it be known that because half the world's websites are in the .com TLD, they're seeking to expand. Google was thrilled back in 2008 when ICANN announced that they'd be opening the flood gates, so to speak, and expansion began – now Google is submitting applications for TLDs that will have you browsing the Google web more than ever before, and relatively soon as well.

Google's Chief Internet Evangelist Vint Cerf wrote today that they'll be picking up domains, or at least starting to apply for them, in four main categories. The first of these is Google domains such as ".google". The second category includes items related to Google's core business such as ".docs" which of course associates with Google Docs. After that, domains like ".youtube" will be picked up to "increase the ease with which YouTube channels and genres can be identified."

Along with improving user experiences through brand-heavy domains, Google will be picking up names that they feel "have interesting and creative potential" such as the ubiquitous ".lol". Google has made a promise along with this situation as well.

"We want to make the introduction of new generic TLDs a good experience for web users and site owners. So we will:

• Make security and abuse prevention a high priority

• Work with all ICANN-accredited registrars

• Work with brand owners to develop sensible rights protection mechanisms that build upon ICANN's requirements" – Google

The group within Google responsible for picking these domains up has been reported by Ad Age as applying for more than 50 TLDs. Each of these TLDs carries a $185,000 USD application fee, this meaning Google has spend over $9,250,000 on applying to own domain names alone. We estimate the potential revenue Google will bring in from this purchase through projects in the future to be much, much greater than that.

Stay tuned as Google covers the web with their lovely new fancy domain name additions in the coming months and years.