Google Photos is deleting your files... in a good way!

Android users of Google Photos will soon see an option to "Free Up Space", this feature then deleting files after upload on their device. Google Photos is an app that connects to Google Photos on the web, acting as a storage space for images and movies for Google users. This system works for Android and iOS as well as all desktop computers via a web browser. Google's latest update will allow users to free up space on their smart devices by deleting photos and videos automatically.

For those of you out there that are Google Photos power users, you might have already discovered this feature sort of hidden under wraps. Previously a "bulk delete device copies" message would pop up on a device that's nearing its storage capacity if the user uploads files at Original Quality.

Saying yes to this message would begin deleting files inside the device based on matches in the Google Photos system online.

Now a similar system, "Free Up Space" will do the same for all users, regardless of how full their phone is.

Google is also updating their Photos system to include the ability to "downgrade" users from Original Quality uploads to High Quality uploads. Previously only a switch the other way around was possible (and obviously only for uploads after the switch point).

Google's last update this week includes the ability to delete photos on a device when they're stored on an SD card. Previous iterations of Photos had a bug that would continue to show Photos (sometimes) after they'd been deleted from an SD card.