Google Paper Signals: Tiny, cute, and useful

Paper Signals from Google controls tiny paper contraptions with Google Assistant. This set of experiments is not something completely inaccessible by the average user. Instead, it's a super-inexpensive (or super free) set of instructions for creating moving objects that are controlled by a set of equations, activated by Google Assistant.

Generally we find that "experiments" in the DIY universe are fun, at least, but not always extremely useful in everyday life. The latest from Experiments with Google is Paper Signals. This is also part of the "Voice Experiments" department of Google, a voice for creative thinkers and out-of-the-box creators from within Google.

One Paper Signal represents a pair of pants. When it's warm in New York City, the pants turn into shorts. When it's cold in New York City, the shorts turn into pants. Users can choose to obey the pants if they wish.

With the arrow Paper Signal, users can track the direction Bitcoin's worth is going in USD. Up means Bitcoin is becoming more expensive, while down means Bitcoin is losing value in USD. This experiment is just one of the first small collection of Paper Signals created by Google as examples for the general public.

Three components needed for these experiments that the everyday user might not have are:

• adafruit Feather Huzzah w/ Headers

• Jumper Wires

• Micro Servo

A full Paper Signals bundle can be purchased readily over at adafruit right this minute – that'll cost you right around $25 USD. Full instructions for each of the Paper Signals Google's made so far can be found at WithGoogle dot com. There they've also released the codes for the projects which in turn can be modified to create new experiments with relative ease!