Google One just launched for all (or most)

Assuming you've got a paid Google cloud storage account, you've now got Google One. Google One is the name for a service which adds features to what was previously just known as Google cloud storage, or paying for Google Drive expanded storage. Now, with a brand, Google One provides a renewed push for people to buy cloud storage from Google – because they'll be privy to certain benefits.

To learn all about Google One, head back to our article "Google One: What is it?" There we've explained the basic ins and outs of the service, including pricing VS previous pricing. The only big difference between now and what just was is in the 2TB storage size, having gone from $20 a month to $10 a month if you're paying monthly.

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Being a Google One member provides the ability to share storage space with family members. When you do share, you're not sharing one big bucket everyone can access, you're sharing the quota. In other words, if your son Jimmy uploads 10-million photos to Google Photos connected to your paid account, you probably won't have any more space left over in your Google Drive.

Google One provides Google Support. In a way not available otherwise, Google One provides access to "Google Experts" – AKA service support for the service for which you're paying. This adds to the VIP feeling that comes with a Google One subscription.

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Much in the same way Amazon makes you feel like a VIP with Amazon Prime, Google makes you feel like a VIP with Google One. They do this with words like "access" and "benefits." You get "access" to Google Experts and you get "benefits" like a digital $5 Google Play gift card every once in a while, or coupons for discounts with associated brands.

Keep your eyes peeled for additional ways in which Google One attempts to take on Amazon Prime. They're different businesses, but they're aiming for that same part of your brain. The part that likes to feel elite.

Google One doesn't yet work all around the world*, and not for ALL Google users that have access to more than the standard amount of storage. Google Enterprise users don't have access to Google One, for example. But most people should have access as of this week. There's a Google One app on the Google Play app store you should check out immediately if you're onboard.

*Google wants to make extra special clear here, they've informed us, that they've only launched inside the United States so far. Specifically inside the United States, and everyone else can go to Google One to sign themselves up with their email and get on the grid so they can know about Google One when it launches in their country.