Google+ now utilizes Translate for status and comment translation

For Facebook users, when a comment or a status is made in a language other than the one set in the user's preferences, a translation option is made available that will provide an alternative in the user's language. Such is now also a feature available on Google Plus, with the translation service being powered by the Internet giant's Google Translate.

You can see an example of how foreign language comments and statuses will now appear in the image above, with the comments on the bottom left showing a "Translate" option, which, upon clicking, will result in the comments you see on the bottom right side of the image. Users can toggle between the original comment and the translation as desired.

The announcement was made by Ed Chi over on Google+, where he says this is a move to help make info more accessible for everyone around the globe no matter what language is spoken. The wider implications of that is a better facilitation of the exchange of ideas, something language barriers serve to inhibit.

Those who aren't seeing the feature yet, don't worry – the feature is being rolled out in waves on the desktop, so you might not see the Translate option for a little while yet. This follows an announcement earlier this evening that the Google+ Photos app – previously only available for the Pixel – has been expanded to all Chromebook users.

SOURCE: Ed Chi(G+)