Google Now update brings Waze traffic data, website update cards, and more

Google Now has been updated in conjunction with a Google Search for Android update, and with it comes traffic accident updates via Waze's real-time navigation information. Keeping an eye on websites has also become handier for users with website update cards making it in this latest version, as well as several other features that we've detailed for you after the jump.

One particularly useful feature for some users is the website update card, which is aimed at those who want to keep updated on new posts from favorite websites. This is accompanied by the news topic card, which pulls news stories from the Web on topics that you prefer to stay up-to-date on and delivers them to your Android device in a convenient fashion. If TV shows and movies are more of your thing, you can also use Google Now to get recommendations via the What to Watch card.

That isn't the extent of the new cards, however, and beyond the aforementioned Waze traffic information comes some other functionality. Android users can now get notifications when in-store packages are ready to be picked up, as well as scores for preferred rugby teams if sports are your thing. Rounding out the new cards is the ability to create repeat reminders in case one time isn't enough.

This is in addition to all the goodies that come with the overall Google Search update, which has brought users running the most recent versions of Android the same Search that went out with KitKat. As noted by Android Police, devices running Android 4.1 and higher have scored the Google Experience Launcher, and some problems that have been experienced with it have been corrected with the update.

SOURCE: Google+