Google Now supports Nest via voice commands

Over the weekend, we relayed some info about Nest's new functionality with Google Now. The ability to change your temperature via voice control sounded pretty neat, but also a long way off. It wasn't, and is now ready for all Nest users. With a simple "Ok, google" voice command, you can now change your home temperature to whatever you like. Not only will you be able to change the temperature, but Google Now will provide a card that tells you when Nest is changing things up.

If you've got some presets for Nest, the cards are a pretty handy reminder that it's working as you designed. It's also a neat reminder for making your home especially warm or cool on those unusually temperamental days.

The voice commands and Now cards are also totally opt-in. That satisfies concerned parties who thought maybe Nest would be rolled into Google's "in for a penny" privacy scheme.

The voice controls aren't as robust as the Nest app itself, but it's handy to be able to take advantage of voice control if you've got a large home — or just don't want to leave bed to tinker with the thermostat.

The functionality is currently Android-only, so iOS users will go wanting for this. Google could possibly work this into their Google Search app for iOS, but the workarounds will likely take some doing — if they're possible.

Update: It was possible, according to Mac Rumors. The Google Search app for iOS is also supporting Nest, so good news for everyone!

Source: Android Police