Google Now suggests a new flight when yours is cancelled

We've all been there (and if you haven't, you're lucky); a flight gets delayed or cancelled, and you're scrambling to find a different route to your next appointment. It's not an everyday occurrence, but it's one that can bring you a lot of stress when it happens. Google may be here to help, though, and using one of their better services to do so.

Google Now is now reportedly giving you alternate flight suggestions when yours is cancelled or seriously delayed. The Search skin already scans your email to find which flight your on, and offers up flight info leading up to it. It also knows when your flight is cancelled or delayed, naturally, so this is a helpful and natural next step.

Finding an alternate route is something very helpful in a pinch, and at least gives you an avenue to discuss things a bit more plainly with the airline representative. "Are you sure that flight is totally booked?"

Once you do find that alternate flight, Google Now also has Field Trip recommendations for you. If you are continuing your travels via train or bus, Google Now is also offering up your passes in card form, so you never lose your spot when traveling anywhere, via any means.

This change seems to be Android-only for now. We're not sure when — or if, really — the iOS version in google Search may get this functionality.

Source: Engadget