Google Now on Tap offers up new Translate card, Discover button

Google Translate has long been a handy tool for those who need a quick translation job and don't mind if it's a little rough around the edges. Today, Translate got even better on Android phones, with Google adding a "translate this page" card to Now on Tap. Now, when users are presented with a page in a language they don't understand, they only need to hold the home button on their phone and hit the translate card to have the page converted into a words they can actually read.

On its own, the announcement of a translate card to Now on Tap isn't all that impressive. After all, Chrome on Android has offered Translate functionality for quite some time already. However, the one major difference between Now on Tap and Chrome is that Android folks can use Now on Tap to translate text within an app, a feature that used to be out of reach for Android devices.

In addition to this translate card, Now on Tap is also getting a Discovery feature. Users can now tap the new "Discover" button to see a stream of different content related to what's on their screen. For instance, tapping the Discover button on an article about Overwatch, we were presented a wide range of content, from news articles about Blizzard's recent lawsuit against Bossland to video compilations centered around incredible in-game plays.

There's one more feature Google has rolled out to Now on Tap today, and that's ability to use Search by Image to scan barcodes and QR codes. Google says that this can be used to scan the barcode of an item at a store to be presented with user reviews about the product, which sounds pretty handy when you're on the fence about purchasing something. While the new Translate functionality is the coolest addition to Now on Tap (in our humble opinion, at least), we imagine all three new features will probably get a lot of use among Android users.