Google Now on Tap eases holiday stress with flight, package tracking

The holidays are fast approaching and, while it's a season for festivity and good cheer, for some it is also a season for hair pulling stress. Whether it be the arrival of friends and relatives or even your own flight, or the sending and receiving of gifts, there are just a lot of pieces of information to keep track of. Good thing, then, that Google, the master of amassing and keeping track of information on the Internet, has your back with a few new Now on Tap features.

Suppose a friend or relative sends you a text message with his or her flight number. Suppose you wanted to take a quick peek at the details and status of that particularly flight. Simply tap the home button and swipe up to activate Now on Tap and voila! All the info you need right there, without even leaving the conversation.

Same goes for that surprise package you're sending Mom. Just go to the delivery confirmation email and use Now on Tap to see the status of that package.

These are precisely the use cases for which Google envisioned Now on Tap: providing information at a quick glance related to the current context on the screen. On news items and personalities, that might be an immediate example, and sure, Now on Tap handles that well. But it can also work wonders for bits and pieces of information stowed else where, like in emails and text messages.

You'll of course need to be on the latest Google Search app to get these handy features, including quickly sharing a snapshot of your screen (without actually taking and saving a screenshot). In addition, the update also adds support for French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Korean languages.

SOURCE: Google