Google Now cards in Nova Launcher for Android [APK download]

This week the folks responsible for updating Nova Launcher for Android have brought on a giant advance. This week the Beta version of the app officially has the ability to work with Google Now cards. Users will need to be brave in their downloading and loading of software – more than usual – because one part of the instructions to attain the cards requires a download and loading of an APK outside the Google Play app store.

Before you go anywhere, know that this update requires that the user have a smartphone with Android 6.0 or higher right out the gate. Without this, the entire set of instructions will be for nothing. Users will also need to be able to find the settings of their phone to enable Unknown Sources for app installs.

The first thing a user wishing for Google Now cards in Nova Launcher will want to do is get in on the Beta. Move in to the Google Play app store for this first step. This is all about being official – even though it's a Beta, and could have some bugs as such.

Once the user has app installs from Unknown Sources activated and OKed, they'll be able to take the next step. This step involves heading to APK Mirror to download Nova Google Companion 1.0. Remember that this is not a Google-sanctioned app store, and the contents of the app are not guaranteed to work entirely properly.

However – we've gotten this process to work quite easily, so there. We first got wind of the update through Android Police – now we're rolling with it live and in person on devices of several sorts. It works pretty well!