Google Now boosts events and planning for Android

This week Android 4.1 Jelly Bean recieved an update inside itself, that being Google Now – this update works with Google Maps, Navigation, and more, to bring you updated information about everything around you. This update works with Appointments to bring you to the bus that's closest, tells you how long it'll be to walk, how long the bus will take, and everything in-between. Flights are included – status, terminal, and delays.

Google Now works with Sports in that it's got updated sports scores, your favorite teams included from your already loved bits from Google+. This update works with Travel – with cash exchange rates, translations, and current events. Google Now works with traffic, will get you where you want when you want, and can understand your requirements no matter what you're going to use to get there.

If you're headed to a Minnesota Twins game, you'll get game scores, ticket information, shows food information around the area (if you're downtown Minneapolis, that's a lot), and connects to Google Maps to bring you there.

Have a peek at our Jelly Bean timeline below and stay tuned all week to each of our portals!

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