Google Nexus One hardware costs $175

Paul Fang - Jan 11, 2010
Google Nexus One hardware costs $175

An interesting morsel if you haven’t heard  – according to a teardown by research firm iSuppli, The Google Nexus One smartphone is built from components that are worth approximately a total of $175; well, $174.15 if you really want to get down to the details.

Compare this to $179, the price that Google is asking Nexus One prospective owners to pay when accompanied with a 2-year T-Mobile service contract (with certain clauses) or $529 for the standalone phone.  According to the iSuppli report, manufacturing, packing, software, and other related costs aren’t included in this estimate.

“Items like the durable unibody construction, the blazingly fast Snapdragon baseband processor and the bright and sharp Active-Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode (AMOLED) display all have been seen in previous phones, but never before combined into a single design,” Kevin Keller, senior analyst for iSuppli, said in a statement.  Overall, there are 17 components within the Nexus One, the most expensive is the Qualcomm baseband processor at $30.50, or over 20 percent of the total cost.  The next most expensive component is Samsung’s 3.7-inch AMOLED display, which lists at $23.50.

Complete list of hardware in the Nexus One:

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