Google Nexus One: 3D Neocore Benchmark [Video]

With the flurry of recent news reports surrounding the Google Nexus One phone: an apparent Google announcement on January 5th, a rumored pricing plan at $180, and tales of the Nexus One already being rooted, there's finally some concrete viewable media out in the wild in the form of a 3D Neocore Benchmark of the Nexus One.

For the uninitiated, the 3D Neocore Benchmark is an objective test that assesses the 3D performance and capabilities of a media phone's mobile graphics chip.  The analysis is carried out in real-time 3D, similar to performance benchmarks built for the PC platform.

The results and the opinions of the tester, one Bruce, translated from French, states "26.7 fps, not bad but a little disappointing. The lack of PowerVR feels". All in all, it's still nice to have such an early test run on the Google smartphone (which is running Android 2.1).  Bruce has also uploaded several new high-resolution shots of the Nexus One, to be found here.

[Thanks Stagueve!]