Google Nexus One $279 T-Mo subsidy confirmed

Earlier today we discussed leaked T-Mobile screenshots that indicated Google and the carrier were working together to reduce the Nexus One upgrade price for existing subscribers, bringing the price down from $379 to $279.  Now Google have officially confirmed the price change, with a spokesperson telling Phone Scoop that all "fully eligible T-Mobile subscribers" will be able to get a Nexus One at the lower price.  Full statement after the cut.

"Previously there were two price points for those fully eligible for T-Mobile upgrades. Those without data plans were paying $279 for the Nexus One, and those with data plans were being charged $379. We worked with T-Mobile and are now able to offer the higher upgrade discount to all existing fully eligible T-Mobile subscribers. This price is now $279. Refunds will be granted to all eligible subscribers who previously purchased the Nexus One at $379. This doesn't affect any eligible customers who bought the phone for $279." Google statement

As expected, those who had already bought a Nexus One for $379 will get a $100 refund from Google, which will presumably be processed through their Google Checkout account.  There's obviously no refund for those who spent $279 in the first place, nor for those who paid the full, outright SIM-free cost ($529) or who were new customers to T-Mobile and received the full, $179 subsidized price.