Google+ New Ignore Function In Detail [Video]

It seems almost obvious that the most requested function of a social networking initiative being produced in our modern world would be the ability to ignore or completely block someone from your spot in that social network. You wouldn't want to have to interact with someone, would you? Heck no! It is because of that and because everyone is already fatigued of the trillion different opinions people have about the Steve Jobs transfer of power that Google has introduced a brand new Ignore function for their social networking site Google+. Soon you'll be all alone once more!

Before we go any further, you should know that there's essentially always been a Block option in Google+ as well. As it happens, Google has newly modified that option to give you more of a definitive block for when you literally just want that certain person to go away for good. +Olga Wichrowska, a Google+ Engineer, explains the Ignore function while her co-worker +Sean Purcell explains the updated Block option in a video below. Meanwhile, lets get into these changes here in text format:

Ignore someone on Google+

The ability to ignore someone has never been more important online than on Google+. This is because while you may add people to your circles, and they may add you to their circles, you're inevitably going to be getting some people in your updates stream that you do not want to hear from all the time. This is where ignore comes into play.

When you do Ignore someone, a few things happen on Google+, including:

- you won't see any of their posts in the Incoming stream

- you won't get notifications about their activities

- you won't see them on your Circles page

If you would like to ignore someone, you'll be able to do one or more of the following (assuming this update has rolled out to you when you read this post, of course, if not, it'll be out to you soon more than likely.)

- Notifications Bar and Notifications Stream : click ignore next to a person's name.

- Incoming: click ignore next to a person's name.

- Circles Page: highlight people, click ignore.

To UN-ignore someone, you'll need to find them in your list of ignored people under More Actions on the Circles page. Click un-ignore or simply add them back to a circle of your choice.

Block someone on Google+

If Ignore isn't enough for the particular pest you're dealing with, you can always Block them. While this function isn't brand new, it's been modified to better suit the Google+ population at this juncture. This is for when you REALLY DO NOT WANT to interact with someone on Google+.

When you do Block someone, a few things happen on Google+, including:

- they're removed from your circles and your extended circles

- you won't see any of their new posts in the Stream

- they won't see anything you share with your circles

- and they can't comment on your posts

If you would like to ignore someone, you'll be able to do one or more of the following.

- Inside someone's profile page – this is a text link on the left below the person's profile image and their connections.

- On your Notifications Widget – click a notification, click ignore, and a second option to Block will appear if you've already ignored this person long enough, if you know what I mean.

To UN-block someone, you've also got to go to your Circles page, click More Actions, View Blocked, and unblock them at will.

Make sense? Get out there and start ignoring and blocking now!