Google Mobile Carrier real possibility with tipped Dish agreement

While they've not reached final talks by any means whatsoever, it appears that Google (along with several other large-name groups in the market) have been speaking with Dish about creating a mobile carrier service of their own. This set of talks has been tipped by sources speaking with the Wall Street Journal where they almost immediately warn that the conversation was not "advanced" and that they "could amount to nothing." Google has been tipped to be getting into the wireless data business for smartphones and tablets since Android was first acquired by the company known then as a Search Giant back in 2007.

An agreement between Dish and Google very well could put them in direct competition with the largest wireless carriers in the United States, with a bankroll that's to be reckoned with and two brands that are already well established in their own right. Dish has been vocal for some time about its intention to partner with a company to build out a wireless network with wireless spectrum it already owns. Dish purchased an amount of wireless spectrum earlier this year and isn't going to let anyone forget about it.

Google has meanwhile been making it clear that they will continue to expand into the services industry with projects such as Google Fiber which has citizens working with super-speed internet in their homes for undeniably low prices. With Google appearing to have some success in that respect, it could be time for them to move forward with connecting their Android empire as well. As the Google Fiber connection spreads across the USA, so too might Dish be pushing the big G into your smartphone more than ever.

Sources also speaking with the WSJ have made it clear that Dish does not intend to "flip" the spectrum they now own over to the highest bidder when they come knocking. Instead, they're demonstrating commitment to building a wireless network with a partner and keeping themselves onboard as they do it. Have a peek at the timeline below to see more on the Dish saga as it unfolds – excitement afoot!