Google mind-control "victim" sneaks into HQ and leaves poison pen letter

Google may be tracking you but it can't seem to stop a Russian filmmaker and former Geisha from wandering into its headquarters and leaving hate-mail. Vera Svechina – who has accused Google of being "inside her head and making her do things" walked into the Mountain View offices on March 14 and left a Russian book and a "rambling" letter addressed to co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Reuters reports.

Svechina apparently followed a visually-impaired employee into the building, according to reviews of the security camera footage. Back in May 2010 she attempted to file a complaint with Mountain View police, alleging that Google was attempting to psychically manipulate her; police held her after psychiatric evaluation and she was apparently hospitalized but then subsequently released.

Brin and Page aren't the only west coast execs suffering from Svechina headaches. Last month, Zynga CEO and founder Mark Pincus took out a restraining order against her, after she reportedly turned up at his home and threatened his family. However, Mountain View police say the letter to the Google co-founders was merely "a little bit angry" and is not being considered a criminal threat.