Google Material You makes Android your color

Google revealed a new way for Android to accompany the user with Material You. It was first shown at Google I/O 2021, and while it may look significantly different from what Android 11 brought to the table, it "never compromises on accessibility." It basically takes the colors that work best for you, and incorporates said colors throughout your device.

Google's Matías Duarte spoke on Material You this week, suggesting that it'll work on all manner of devices. It'll integrate the user's styles into the color scheme across the board. Duarte suggested that Google's hardware complements this design – which could be interpreted to mean that we'll see a far wider variety of colors in the next Google Pixel device.


Duarte suggested that Material You would be coming "first to Google Pixel this fall." It'll eventually make its way to all of Google's products "web apps to hardware." That includes wearables, smart displays, internet of things items – smart home devices, and smartphones and tablets. This system goes "beyond light and dark," bringing users "a mode for every mood."

Won't it be interesting to see this update to the way Android (and other software) handles color? It'll be like the user has the ability to pick what they want, like a theme, but without the possibility that they'll ruin their eyes by selecting yellow text on a blue background. Users will be able to select combinations, not just individual colors. What color will you start with?