Google Maps iOS update adds iPhone X support

Google Maps has received an update on iOS that adds support for the iPhone X's display. With the support comes a better experience for iPhone X users, though all iOS users benefit thanks to some bug fixes tossed into the mix. Google hasn't gone into detail about what those bug fixes pertain to, saying only that they improve the user's ability to find new places and travel to them.READ: iPhone X Review: This changes everything

Google Maps joins the rank of apps that have added support for the iPhone X's OLED display. The app spans from edge to edge on the latest Apple handset, and that includes presenting bits of map in the "ears" located on either side of the notch.

Time, network, WiFi, and battery level are overlaid onto those parts of the map. It's a very clean look overall. It won't be surprising to see Google push out another version of Maps for iPhone X in coming weeks (months?), though, considering the current design's lack of adjustment for the longer display.

The text field is located near the top of the phone far away from where the user's thumb can reach, as is the menu icon for opening the pane. That means you're going to need two hands to use the app unless you have very long fingers. Whether Google actually plans to change the design to better fit the display's length is yet to be seen, however.

SOURCE: iTunes