Google Maps goes Offline

This week the Google crew have released The Next Generation in Google Maps in a completely Offline experience. You'll soon be able to download an entire map of a city to your mobile device and continue to navigate regardless of if you are connected to your data network or not. Though Google Maps has always cashed a certain amount of information on your device online before you go offline, this version of the software helps Google build the global baseline for maps by allowing you to take their information wherever you go – even without your network.

This information moves forward with Street View, one of Google Maps coolest features, it allowing you to see the streets you're going to drive on from the perspective of your car. This software will be bursting forth in the near future with more off-road collections of images collected with boats, on train tracks, and right down into the wild. Get ready for some person-powered all-directions photo action!

Check out our timeline of Google Maps bits below and stay tuned as the Google Maps world continues to expand. Also be sure to let us know whether or not you use Google Maps in your everyday life and if you've been wishing for offline action for some time. We're ready to download the whole world.