Google Maps explores South Africa

It's hard to think of Africa without thinking of giant herds of wild animals such as elephants, rhinoceroses, buffalo, and lions. Not everyone will get the opportunity to travel to South African and experience the majesty of Kruger National Park in person. Google Maps now has a virtual safari taking you through the park and showing you some of the animals and sights there to enjoy.

As the Google Maps exploration cruises through the national park, there are elephants and other animals eating. In one shot, a leopard is skulking about looking for some food, one of the most elusive animals in the park. The tour also climbs to the summit of Table Mountain. From atop that mountain, explorers get a view of Cape Town where wild Africa and a large city collide.

The Google experience also travels to the South African coast at Sandy Bay, Clifton Beach, and Sunset Beach. Virtual explorers can also walk down the Durban Golden Mile. It's great to get more natural beauty to explore via Google Maps with this new South African tour, but exploring distant places isn't all Google Maps is for.

Google has been working hard of late to make Maps help you explore locally right around your home. Last month the "explore around you" option launched in five more locations to help you find places to eat and hang out. Back in November 2015, an update to Google Maps brought with it gas prices near you to help you save some cash on your next fill up. Google Maps also added new Intel to your familiar routes with the ability to predict where you are going and offer warnings on the route even if you didn't enter where you are going.

SOURCE: Google