Google Maps 5 for Android Hands-On

You've seen it shown off at LeWeb 2010, you've seen it shown off by Google, and now you can see it shown off by us! Google has just released the latest version of Google Maps (version 5) and we've got a bit of a hands-on to show you in a video below. This app is available for download right this moment in the Android Market (for phones with Android 2.0 or later.) Grab it now!

All of your old favorite features are there plus there's a couple brand new fabulous additions for you to marvel at. First there's 3D mapping, then there's offline mapping "for a few moments." All this means is that your map doesn't stop immediately if you lose your connection for a few minutes as it may have done in the past. Feel free to keep driving. Grab this app now in the Android Marketplace or scan the QR code below to go directly to the page for download.

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