Google makes more on iPhone than Android

Chris Burns - Apr 3, 2012
Google makes more on iPhone than Android

We’re getting eerie reminders of a Microsoft-related situation from last year when we hear this analysis: it appears that Google is making more from Apple’s iOS than they are from their own OS Android. It’s according to Horace Dediu of Asymco that a Google smartphone revenue rise this year is derived more from iOS than it is from Android. What’s more, it seems that Android isn’t even nearly the same money-maker that Apple’s iPhone is for Google: imagine that!

Dediu takes these numbers from a recent court case settlement you may have heard of: Google vs Oracle. In that settlement, court filings contain two numbers that unfold a whole mess of mathematics that’ve been nearly figured out by those wanting to know up unto this point. These numbers are the amount Google offered Oracle: $2.8 million and 0.515% of Android revenues on an ongoing basis.

The big assumption here is that $2.8 million USD represents the amount (in accordance with the 0.515% of future revenue) that Google owes Oracle of the amount they’ve made on Android already. So all Asymco had to do was find the other 99.485% of the cash, and that’s what Google has made on Android thus far. That amount is approximately $544 million USD.

Back in October, Google mentioned that they had a $2.5 mobile run rate, this number representing the revenue Google is making each year, essentially on average, from all mobile-related services. The chart above comes from Asymco and shows what they’ve extrapolated – Android Revenues in blue and Google’s Mobile “Run Rate” in green. Below you’ll see That run rate split up by Android devices in use and by iOS devices in use.

This chart shows how much Google is making from iOS and how much they’re making from Android. Notice any numbers missing?

[via Asymco]

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