Google-made GPU and CPU chips on the way

Chris Burns - Jan 9, 2012
Google-made GPU and CPU chips on the way

This week a rather above-average bit of information on the future of mobile in Google, that being them creating no less than their very own processor and GPU for their future devices – namely their Nexus line of purely stock Android smartphones and tablets. You’ve got to reach out and have some faith in the original source here as a “programming employee at Google” speaking to an anonymous tipster speaking with Android Invasion. That said, it’s an interesting thing to think about: Google taking a new command of their own destinies with hardware manufacturing.

The folks at Google have of course not commented on the matter as if such a thing were true, they’d drop the good news like an atom bomb upon the industry. Then again it is CES 2012 week, and we’ve not yet truly begun. Google could sneak in here with a bunch of fun in their own time, chip smashing all the way home.

What do you think about this? Could Google be creating a new batch of hardware for use in their own future products? Android works with a majorly large swath of manufacturers, their hardware spanning from the very awesome to the very terrible. Google very well may be once again be taking steps toward solidifying its platform again.

[via Android Guys]

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