Google Places Launches Instant Access to Local Queries on Google's Mobile Homepage

What you're about to experience whilst hanging out on Google's homepage if you're viewing the page on your mobile device is Instant Access to Local Queries, appearing right below your main search bar in the form of several new icons. These icons, connected to Google Maps via and Google Places, will lead you to local maps and placed you'd be very apt to visit in your immediate area based on your GPS location. This functionality will be launching today and will help you to access your business environment as quickly as possible. This was only one of the many announcements made by Google today at their "Inside Search" event.

Another addition to Mobile Search is Query Builder, this functionality coming up as a plus button beside your instant results in search, all this before you hit the search button. The plus button allows you to take instant results and make them as defined and specific as you need. Next they revealed a preview mode that showed up as a magnifying glass that allows you to see a gallery view of previews of results for easy viewing. Learned results are another addition / improved function in this presentation, allowing you to, for example, find what you want after typing a single letter, this leading to the most common thing you searched for with that letter at the head.

Query Builder

Search Previews

In addition to this was a new look for tablets with in-browser searching, bigger and more fit results being shown on stage as well as a more fit gallery for image search. Next Google revealed a fabulous new way to use your camera, photographing for example a menu in Russian. Once photographed, the menu is instantly translated to whatever language you'd like, allowing you to order all sorts of foods wherever you might be.

Tablet Improvements

Translate with Google Goggles

These points were amongst a handful of other points Google had today including Search on the Desktop, statistics on Mobile and Desktop growth, and more. Stick with us on SlashGear for all the updates!