Google launches Daydream VR in Chrome for Android

This week the folks at Google have launched the latest version of Chrome for Android devices, this one ready to roll with Daydream VR. Users of Daydream-ready devices will be able to visit and experience a number of Daydream-formatted webpages that allow a virtual reality experience to be viewed directly through the Chrome web browser. In the past, there were rumblings about WebVR for multiple sorts of virtual reality devices – for now, there is only talk of Daydream.*

WebVR is a JavaScript API introduced to Google's web browser for Android to enable the viewing of specially-formatted VR experiences. This script allows the web browser to connect with the smartphone's sensors. With access to these sensors, the web browser is able to move the image shown and adjust the sound heard according to the direction the smartphone is aimed.

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This system allows the smartphone – in this case – to be utilized with a Daydream headset. That's the newest version of Google's virtual reality experience for mobile devices. This is just the beginning for Google for this type of experience. They plan on expanding in a big way in the future.

*Google suggests that they'll be adding support for other headsets for WebVR in the future. This includes WebVR support for Chrome on the PC for desktop VR headsets like HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift. This also includes the simplest of mobile VR headsets, like Google Cardboard.

The one VR experience we recommend you try first is the Sketchfab VR showcase. In this showcase is a wide variety of 3D-rendered scenes that'll be able to be explored with a Daydream VR headset. It's a wild experience, to be sure. Other experiences are available, the first set of which is listed by Google in their Product Blog.

Users will be able to find the newest version of the Chrome web browser in the Google Play app store. The newest version of Chrome – with access to webVR for Daydream – will be available immediately if not soon.