Google just made one major change for mobile search

Today Google revealed one of the most major changes to the way they deliver information in search results for mobile users. Instead of the classic "next", or "see more" button or a list of "o" letters in the word GOOGLE for more results, there'll be a never-ending scroll effect. This is the feature Google refers to as "continuous scrolling", and it'll be live and in-effect on your device as early as right this minute.

"Today, we're making browsing search results more seamless and intuitive with the introduction of continuous scrolling on mobile devices," said Niru Anand, Product Manager for Google Search. "Now, when you reach the bottom of a search results page on your phone, the next set of results will automatically load with relevant information."

If you've heard of the term "Doomscrolling", you might already know what's going on here. Once you're on your smartphone and search with Google, you'll see your first page of results as you always do. Once you scroll down to the "end" of the "first page" of results, now, you just... won't likely ever get there.

Automatic loading of additional results will occur on your mobile device, without an immediately apparent option to scroll through pages in any other way. It would appear that this situation isn't the default on desktop browsers just yet. You'll still see the Gooooooogle there.

UPDATE: It would appear that this new Search scrolling situation will be appearing in English speaking countries first, starting with mobile devices in the United States. Google suggested that the continuous scrolling experience will "gradually roll out" to users starting today.

Are you happy with this change, or would you rather keep the tap-to-advance method for mobile search, too? Take a peek at Google right now and see if it scrolls forever, and don't get lost in the pit!