Google just gave Android Wear a feature jolt

Whoa wait a second, you might be saying, what did Google just do for Android Wear? And where is my update? It's on the way, first of all – if you happen to have an LG Watch Urbane you should have the update already. If you have any other Android Wear watch, your update will be appearing this week. As for what Google actually released this morning – that's a bit more in-depth. It begins with a tale of drawings and emoji for everyone.


Android Wear smartwatch devices already allow you to see and respond to messages as they're sent from your phone. What this update will do is allow you to draw faces in reply, each of those faces turning into emoji before they're sent. It's simple, and it's silly, and it's neat.

Have a peek at our lovely Emoji article for more on this in-depth subject.

Connected Anywhere

While the Apple Watch allows you to remain connected to your iPhone on the same wi-fi network, Android Wear goes a step further. Now as long as you're on the web with your Android Wear watch – and your phone is too – you'll remain connected to your data.

How you handle this newly found power is up to you. While you'll still more than likely keep your phone on you wherever you go, there's always the odd place – like the gym, for example – where having just the watch and still the updates could be useful.


A flick of your wrist will advance to the next card in your stream on your Android Wear smartwatch. See the gif below to experience the magic.

This is assuming you're all pumped up about doing the flick, of course. No more need for tapping anywhere.

Always-on screen

Several apps are better when on constantly. Maps, for example, can be kept on for as long as you wish without tapping or prodding.

This will also be great for Google Keep, when you head to the grocery store with a list on your wrist.

A slight adjustment

Swiping left now brings you to your on-watch apps and contacts. This is different from before, where you'd have had to have gone through a slightly more lengthy process.

Have a peek at the timeline below and our Wearable Hub for additional Android Wear bits and pieces – more incoming soon!