Google junk Windows after security breach

The biggest fall-out from Google's Chinese hack incident back in January could be on Microsoft's bottom line, as the search giant moves to vanquish Windows PCs from employee desks.  According to the FT's sources, Google is giving staff a choice between OS X and Linux, with one unnamed employee saying that "we're not doing any more Windows. It is a security effort."  Google have declined to comment, but according to other employees "getting a new Windows machine now requires CIO approval."

The incident in January saw Chinese hackers use Internet Explorer loopholes to install and run apps on Google's PCs.  Meanwhile the switch is also giving Google an opportunity to move staff toward their own products, and eventually Google Chrome OS.  "Before the security, there was a directive by the company to try to run things on Google products, it was a long time coming" another employee apparently told the paper.

According to the FT, the decision has led to some disagreement among the Windows-loving contingent at Google, but otherwise isn't being seen negatively.  "Linux is open source" said one team member, "and we feel good about it."