IE Security Flaw Abused In Recent Google China Cyber Attacks

Microsoft has revealed that its Internet Explorer web browser was exploited as part of the recent cyber attacks on Google's China-based systems.  The software giant stated in a blog post that a hidden vulnerability in the browser could allow hackers to remotely access and run programs on infected computers.

Microsoft has released initial assistance to moderate the problem, and is currently working on a formal software update fix.  So far, Microsoft "has not seen widespread customer impact, rather only targeted and limited attacks exploiting Internet Explorer 6".

The recent epidemic of attacks was alleged to have struck over 30 companies including Google and Adobe, but security firms have since said that such invasions are routine, although security firm McAfee believes that the attacks show a level of sophistication above that of archetypal, isolated cyber criminal efforts.  Then again, duly noted is the fact that Microsoft's storied web browser has been the brunt of the majority of browser security flaw exploitations for the last several years.