Google IO 2017 ticket details released, schedule incoming

The basic schedule for Google IO 2017 has been shared and tickets have almost been put on sale. As it was last year, so too will it be here in the year 2017 – Google I/O will be held in the great outdoors. Sort of – kind of – actually at the outdoor Shoreline Amphitheatre. Those attending should plan on bringing sunscreen or one very big hat.

This year's Google I/O (or IO, however you want to put it) will betaking place May 17th, 18th, and 19th, 2017. The Shoreline Amphitheatre lives in Mountain View, California, and again – this is important – this event series is held outside. This is different from most developer-aimed conferences, which are generally held indoors, away from the unforgiving rays of the sun.

Google calls Google I/O its "annual developer festival" this year – like a party. This festival won't have as much music as the average festival, and drugs will not be permitted. Instead, this festival has "hands-on learning, technical talks, and Googlers on-hand to share their insights."

This year's four themes are Platforms, Building on Mobile, Grow & Earn, and Beyond Mobile. For applying to attend, the order in which applications are received will have no bearing on the outcome. Potential applicants will be chosen at random once the drawing application window has ended.

Ticket sales will begin tomorrow on the internet at Google's IO homepage. Applying to purchase a Google I/O 2017 ticket will begin tomorrow at some point – no specific time has been given – and will last until February 27th at 5PM PST. That might be an indicator of the start time, but we wouldn't bet on it.

UPDATE: The application period will begin on the 22nd of February at 10AM PST. Set your alarms and put a glass of water beside your bed to splash in your face when you hit your alarms – even though, as discussed, entry time wont affect chances of getting a ticket.